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Recruiting all classes. But we are in need of more Clerics,temps, and SMs.
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Game News

Welcome to The Last Defense

1.You must portray a positive attitude. No one likes playing with a downer.

2. No epeen-stroking loot whores will be tolerated at all. If you ever think to charge a legion mate for a crafted item other than "what you" have into it then your ass is out the door! We are a TEAM and we help eachother not rip one another off.

3.You must be cool with the fact that we're not going to invite someone just because they are your friend. Most of the time we will... if there is room. Legion mates come first!

4.No whiners or individuals of annoying reputations.

5.  Vent is not a requirement but it is STRONGLY recommended.

6. We are friendly and laid back. Which basically means you dont have to do stuff all the time but i would appreciate if you are not busy i dont see why you couldnt help.

7. If you ever need pvp help like training with combos fighting etc i would gladly help you.

8. We have a Expert Armorsmith (not to mention he can make you speed gloves and boots) and a expert Alchemist,and i believe we also have a high level tailor.(ill be checking into that) We can help you get armor and we will craft it free of charge but you will need to bring us the required mats. We will use the armor we make you, as a temporary armor until we help get you pvp armor(by gaurd  grinding hunting and eventually drundge)

9. Minimum requirements for a Centurion position------>vent,being active and giving mike brownies(jk)

10. If you have anything that you think i should know about your character be your strengths,weakness, or crafting(or etc)

11. if you have any problems or any ideas please contact me or if im not on a centurion.

We are mainly a pvp legion but if you want to recommend something else just ask me and ill see if we can do it.

Every Saturday we will be going over diffent issues or curtain things that you as legion members would like to see happening in the legion.

We are going to bring the elyos to their knees i promise i wont stop till we asmos own this server!

We make the weak strong, We make the inexperienced experienced,
 we turn the Fearful into fearless for we are The Last Defense!

Thank you for showing interest in The Last Defense, we hope that our Legion is the one for you and that you find no problems here and look forward to fun and exciting days enjoying the fruits of our raids, PVP adventures, and good ol' fashioned Elmo face raping. A new recruit must meet these requirements or come really close to it. These are designed to screen players so that we attract those who are ready to immerse themselves in our community:

Thank You
BG Miketrystorm
Guild News

Member aand recruiter of the month!

MikeTrystorm, Sep 18, 10 8:13 PM.
Comining up next week is member of the month and recruiter of the month!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

kyjion, Jun 23, 10 1:06 PM.
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